During the Appointment

There is no need to arrive early to your appointment, but please do try to be on time. You will begin by completing a form and watching a short informational video that explains the paperwork and what you will experience during your scan.

Your technician will introduce herself and answer any questions you may have. She will gather some information and escort you into the scan room. In preparation for the scan, “mom” will be draped with a towel and warm gel will be applied to her tummy.

The video will start before the ultrasound probe touches mom’s skin. We don’t miss a thing on your video!

At Ultrasound Preview, we start by looking at your baby in 2D. Your technician will help you identify different parts of the baby’s anatomy such as limbs, spine, head, etc. We’ll also measure the baby’s heartbeat and let you listen to the beating of its heart.

At this point, the technician will determine if your baby is lying in the correct position for the 3D machine to obtain a 3D/4D image. When an opportunity for a 3D image presents itself, the technician will switch to the 3D mode on the machine. In about 15 per cent of cases, the baby’s position does not allow us to get a 3D/4D image. However, if your baby is lying correctly, we will use the 3D/4D machine to show you your baby. Hopefully, the little one will move so you can experience the 4D difference.

In any case, we will record your scanning session from beginning to end. We will include all of the 2D, 3D, and 4D images taken, the voices in the room, and the baby’s heartbeat on a video. You will receive the video in DVD format, and printouts of any photos we have captured.