Client Testimonials

Here’s a look at what some of our clients have to say about their experience. These testimonials are unsolicited and reflect the thoughts and feelings of our clientele. We welcome your feedback, so please feel free to send a note about your time with Ultrasound Preview.

“As confirmed, we became the parents of a baby boy this fall. We still enjoy watching the video tape of our ultrasound preview and we look forward to showing the sonogram to our baby in a few years. Thank you for giving us a sneak peek at our beautiful son.”
– The Crawshaws

“Thank you so much for the friendly & professional service you gave us. Our beautiful, healthy, little girl was born on Mother’s Day. The best gift I could have received. I love having her on tape. I want every second of her life captured as she is my last baby. I am enjoying her so much.”
– The Classons

“Thanks so much for your professional atmosphere. You were right; it was a boy, 8lbs. 5oz.”
– The Mandins

“Once again you were correct. We had a baby girl! This time though – no red hair. That’s okay, we have two angels we love dearly! Thank you for all the time you took with us. We treasure the tapes and pictures of both our children.”
The Brandts

“All three of my boys have been “exposed at your office. Next time I come in, tell me it’s a girl!. After three boys, I don’t know what I’d do with a girl!”
– R. Poulsen

“You were right! He’s a boy! Thanks for doing our video. We watched it a lot before he arrived. Thanks again.”
– The Jones

“On May 21st we had another beautiful boy. 9 lbs 5 oz – 20 inches long. I still remember crying in your office because it was not a girl. You were right … it was a boy. You know I love that little guy so much and he is truly the greatest joy. I was a little upset the day he was born but only until I held him and looked at him. I would not trade him for the world. We are planning a third child soon so we look forward to visiting you again in the future.”
– The Sorensons

“You were right! We had another boy on March 31st. He was 7 lbs 6 oz. When I went back to Regina, SK people were surprised to hear about your services. I had three more ultrasounds here and they still would not tell me what sex the baby was! They told me 4 days ahead during the amnio. He turned out to have 2 knots in his cord and it was wrapped around his head. They said this was very unusual. Thank you for everything. I showed my grade 6/7 science class the video (with the volume on). They loved it! (especially when you said “There’s his penis”)”
– C McKaebb

“Just a quick note to let you know that you were right!! It was a boy! We spent the last 11 weeks in Lethbridge & Calgary hospitals with “Pre-ruptured membranes”. He was born on Feb 13th at exactly 36 weeks gestation. He weighed 6 lbs 3 oz. He’s a bit jaundiced but otherwise perfect in every way! He’s a perfect addition to the family. Our other two boys love him to death and I am very happy we were wrong about it being a girl. It helped to know the sex whenever I got discouraged in the hospital. Thanks for giving us that gift!”
– The Sedores

“We will be coming back for the second child and I make sure to tell everyone about you. I believe that the video is the best thing I have to give to Ty when he grows up. The video helped me bond with Ty too because it made my pregnancy feel real to me. This is because the pregnancy was such a shock. He makes me want to have 5 more, and if I do, I’ll come to you every time.”
The Sakals

“Well your record still stands. You said we were going to have a girl and you were right. We came up on Aug 28th and had an ultrasound. It was a nice experience to share with our son. I tell all my friends to go and get this done. Thank you for everything.”
– The Kronebuschs

“I was very satisfied with the whole experience. As a nurse, I’ve watched a few ultrasounds done but in a hospital setting. Unfortunately, there was hardly any explanations as to what was being seen on the screen. I really appreciated the opportunity to ask questions re: what we were seeing and having you spend time explaining what all the images were. I also appreciated you explaining what we would be seeing prior to the actual exam. It was a wonderful experience (and you were right about the gender!). I would have liked to know the EDC as according to the u/s images and measurements but understand that probably is more diagnostic. Thanks a million for letting us see our son for the first time!”
– The Williams

“Thank you for letting us know early that our wishes had come true. The ultrasound made everything so much more special – now our family is done. The girls love him to pieces – sometimes too much – & daddy is so proud of him. He was my easiest delivery – especially knowing what he was – we couldn’t wait for him to be born. He missed his grandpa’s birthday by 2 days – but close enough. Thank you again for the wonderful pictures and video we have of him. So glad you have such a business to provide such things.”
– The Clarksons