2D Ultrasound

Traditional 2D ultrasound machines create a flat, cross-sectional image of the fetus. In some ways, the 2D image makes it easier for parents to recognize structures. There are many exciting things to observe using 2D technology. During your medical scan ordered by your doctor, the technician looks mostly in short axis views that can be difficult to interpret. At Ultrasound Preview, we look in long axis, easy to recognize views. Our technicians point on the screen with a cursor, and explain what you’re looking at. The technicians will also use a doll to show how your baby is lying. This makes it easy to understand what you’re looking at in the scan. It’s a fun way to explore the entire womb, and some maternal anatomy as well. It’s quite an experience to visualize how everything fits together. In most cases the external genitalia are best seen in 2D!